6 Reasons You Need to Visit La Jolla

La Jolla Seals

La Jolla, California has to be our favorite place we’ve ever visited in the United States. Lo Jolla is part of the city of San Diego, nestled along the Pacific Coastline. From the unique restaurants and retailers around every corner to the gorgeous beaches and  scenic views, La Jolla truly is a special seaside community that you need to visit.

We were able to plan a quick anniversary getaway to the San Diego area. We stayed at an AirBnB near the beach in La Jolla. We were able to book free flights using travel rewards. There are endless activities and adventures to be had in La Jolla, but let me share with you 6 reasons you really need to come visit and see for yourself. 

Cody’s of La Jolla

I love breakfast and nobody does it better in La Jolla than Cody’s. The French Toast is to die for. Being from Ohio, being able to sit outside on a patio and eat breakfast is basically non-existent for 10 months of the year and something we took full advantage of in La Jolla. 


La Jolla Cove

Tucked into the cliffs is the most amazing scenery I’ve probably ever seen. La Jolla Cove is beyond impressive. While it draws many snorkelers and swimmers because of its appeal, you can’t ignore the seals and sea lions. You can get extremely close (probably too close) to these beautiful animals as they sunbathe on the rocks near the beach. I saw many tourists capture selfies with seals only a foot or two away. Do your research, before visiting, on what is permitted, but also what is advised. 

La Jolla Cove

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

 Funny story. My wife tried to kill me while we dined at Karl Strauss. Ok, probably not on purpose, but you just never know with her and although it had an ingredient I was allergic to, their Mac and Cheese probably is to die for. The Guajillo Shrimp Tacos and Chili Lime Fries were top notch as well. Karl Strauss is one of the more popular Micro breweries in the San Diego area if that is your thing. While we loved the La Jolla location, they also have other spots around San Diego and other parts of the California coast. 


Ellen Scripps Park

Overlooking La Jolla Cove sits Ellen Scripps Park. The perfect place to watch the sunset, the scenic views at Ellen Scripps Park sum up our entire trip. I am in complete envy of every California who gets to walk this park on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, this park a popular site for outdoor weddings in the area. 


Peter Lik Gallery

As you stroll around La Jolla, it’s not hard to figure out that art is an important part of the culture of this seaside town. We just happen to be window shopping around the Cove area when we were approached by a woman exclaiming we needed to come in and check out Peter’s photography. I couldn’t argue with her so we did and we were beyond impressed. One of 13 Peter Lik Galleries around the globe, the scenes he is able to capture with a camera are remarkable. Now, we are super frugal so we aren’t buying any art for our walls, but still a fun place to stop and enjoy during your stay in La Jolla. 


The Promiscuous Fork

The perfect name for such a quaint local eatery that packs tons of flavor into its tiny location. There isn’t much seating at the Promiscuous Fork, but if there was, we would have missed out on celebrating April Fools Day with the slightly inebriated woman at the bar. The menu is simple, but you can tell everything is cooked with love and community at the center, with the freshest ingredients around. Do yourself a favor when you visit and feast on some Short Rib Tacos on my behalf. 

Have you visited La Jolla? What are your must sees during a visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 Reasons You Need to Visit La Jolla

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