Cedar Point Unveils The Boardwalk for Family-Friendly Thrills For The 2023 Season

Cedar Point The Boardwalk Sign

I recently was invited to a media event at Cedar Point Amusement Park for the unveiling of the park’s new themed area — The Boardwalk. 

The Boardwalk is located towards the Lake Erie Shore adjacent to Cedar Point Beach. It’s home to the new Wild Mouse Coaster, a family-friendly coaster, along with several other attractions that either existed in the area before or were relocated. Here’s a look at what you can expect along The Boardwalk at Cedar Point.

Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse offers fun for the whole family. The coaster features 4-seat cars that resemble mice. Funny enough, every Wild Mouse car has a name

  • Ziggy
  • Zaggy
  • Dizzy
  • Mazey
  • Chase
  • Larry

There’s even a car that resembles a piece of cheese for the six mice to chase. 

Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

At 52 feet tall, Wild Mouse is probably not the mega coaster that many park fans may want to see, but it’s more than enough fun and will appeal to many park guests. Along with drops, twists, and hairpin turns, the cars also spin 360 degrees for added fun. Each time you ride could feel different depending on how your mouse spins. 

Riders must be at least 42” tall to ride with a supervising companion, or 48” tall to ride alone

Check Out Cedar Point’s Wild Mouse in Action

Cedar Point’s Grand Pavilion

Cedar Point’s incredibly stunning Grand Pavilion takes center stage on the Midway. The bi-level eatery features refined culinary delights and an upper-level lake-view bar. The Grand Pavilion features several indoor and outdoor seating areas on both levels, including viewing decks with panoramic views of the Lake Erie shoreline. This is not traditional amusement park fare we’re talking about.

Cedar Point Grand Pavilion

If you’re familiar with Cedar Point’s last restaurant additions, the Farmhouse Kitchen & Grill and BackBeatQue, you can see that Cedar Point has made a conscious effort to raise the bar on dining options within the park. 

Other Boardwalk Attractions

The Boardwalk at Cedar Point was already home to the popular Gatekeeper coaster and Windseeker, which allows you to fly through the air at 301 feet on swing chairs. It’s our youngest daughter’s favorite ride. I personally think it’s 100 times scarier than any coaster ever invented. 

Other rides joining The Boardwalk Midway are:

  • Matterhorn
  • Atomic Scrambler (formerly Scrambler)
  • Calypso (formerly Tiki Twirl)
  • Giant Wheel 
  • Troika
  • Dodgem

Other Cedar Point Updates in 2023

The Boardwalk isn’t the only change at Cedar Point for the 2023 season. Here are some other updates for the amusement park. 

  • Three restaurants are going away: At the Winter Chill Out Event, Cedar Point announced that Chic-Fil-A and The Mac Shack are not returning for the 2023 season. More recently, the park announced that Johnny Rockets would not reopen for the 2023 season and is being replaced by an arcade. 
  • Forbidden Frontier is closing: Another Winter Chill Out announcement is that Forbidden Frontier, the interactive family area recently added to the park, will not reopen. 

2024 Cedar Point Updates

  • Top Thrill Dragster 2024 Update: Cedar Point recently announced that a reimagined version of Top Thrill Dragster will return in 2024. Top Thrill 2 makes its debut to the Cedar Point skyline for the 2024 season. The park currently has a passholder preview event scheduled for April 30 – May 2, 2024. 
  • Cedar Fair and Six Flags merge: In November 2023, Cedar Fair and Six Flags announced their merger, marking a new era for amusement parks. This union aims to combine the strengths and resources of both companies to deliver an improved experience for all visitors. The full details are available in Cedar Fair’s official press release. As this is a recent development, the implications for park visits in the 2024 season and later are still uncertain.
  • Snake River Expedition is gone: Cedar Point announced that the boat ride Snake River Expeditions is not reopening in 2024. The family-friendly ride opened in 2021
  • Updated Cedar Point App: The park updated its mobile app to improve the guest experience.

As always, head to the Cedar Point Website for the latest updates and other park information. If you’re planning an adventure to Cedar Point soon, Shores & Islands Ohio can help you plan the perfect trip

Visit Cedar Point This Summer 

Our family has Cedar Point season passes, which are a great way to visit the park multiple times per season and gain access to added passholder benefits like free parking and discounts. Visiting Cedar Point, or any amusement park, these days can be expensive for families. Getting season passes is one way you can save money at Cedar Point

As passholders, we’ll be there all summer to soak up the sun, ride the rides, enjoy the latest culinary options, and cool down at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark

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Cedar Point Unveils The Boardwalk for Family-Friendly Thrills For The 2023 Season

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