Are Cedar Point Season Passes Worth It?

2020 UPDATE: Due to the Coronavirus, visiting Cedar Point Amusement Park will look very different during the 2020 season. Because of this, the season pass information in this post is not up to date currently. Please head to the official Cedar Point website for all of the details concerning the 2020 season. 


Every summer, millions of people make their way to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point is a popular destination for families of all ages.  One way that families can save money at parks like Cedar Point is to purchase season passes. Costs for season passes, however, can seem overwhelming, especially for a family of 6 like mine. Let’s explore the different season pass options offered by Cedar Point to see if they make sense for your family.


My History with Cedar Point

Growing up, I couldn’t wait for school to end and summer to arrive. One of the main reasons for this was that our family would make the trek to visit Cedar Point and Kings Island almost every summer. These were some of my greatest memories as a kid, which formed my love for roller coasters, thrill rides, and all of the other sights and sounds amusement parks offer.

After moving to Ohio in 8th grade, we were only an hour drive from Cedar Point so we found ourselves visiting more than once a summer. In high school, my brother an I bought season passes one summer and spent most free weekends in Sandusky riding The Magnum and The Mean Streak. I even spent one summer during college working at Cedar Point in the games and arcades department. I still remember Jimmy King, member of The University of Michigan’s “Fab 5”, playing skee ball while I scrambled to find something for him to autograph (ended up with a napkin).


What is Cedar Point?

Cedar Point is an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. Home to a collection of 70 rides, including 18 roller coasters, three kids’ areas, overnight accommodations, live shows, a mile-long beach, experiential dining and more, it’s easy to see why Cedar Point is the best destination for family fun. In 2019, Cedar Point introduces Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island, an immersive, live-action experience with mind-challenging activities and interactive attractions for the whole family. They will also be adding new restaurants and a new signature festival for the 2019 season.

Season Passes

Cedar Point offers 2 season pass options for its guests along with one option for younger children. Perks vary for each pass.

Season Pass

Cedar Point’s entry-level season pass gives guests unlimited visits to the park every public operating day in 2019. Some of the perks to this season pass include:

  • Bring a friend discounts
  • Passholder appreciation weekends
  • 10% off most in-park food
  • 10% off out-of-park Cedar Point owned restaurants including Bay Harbor, Quaker Steak & Lube, and Famous Dave’s
  • 10% off most in-park merchandise
  • Discounts on every midway game

Unfortunately, the Season Pass does not include admission to Cedar Point Shores, Cedar Point’s waterpark.


Currently, Season Passes cost $146 each (plus taxes and fees). Cedar Point offers payment plans, which include 5 payments of $23.50 after an initial payment of $28.50.

Platinum Pass

If you are looking for perks, Cedar Point’s Platinum pass is the choice for you. On top of all the same perks you love with the Season Pass, the Platinum pass also gets you:

  • Admission to Cedar Point Shores all season
  • Early entry into the park (1 hour) and Cedar Point Shores (30 minutes)
  • Free parking
  • Admission to all Cedar Fair Parks (There are 11 parks!)
  • Upgrade to Fast Lane Plus when you buy Fast Lane (in-park only)
  • Admission to all Dive-In Movies


Currently, Platinum Passes cost $218 (plus taxes and fees). Cedar Point offers payment plans, which include 5 payments of $35.50 after an initial payment of $40.50.


Cedar Point Season Pass Add Ons

On top of season pass options, Cedar Point also has some add-ons, for an extra charge, to enhance your visits all season.


You can add an All Season Dining Plan to your Season Pass, or Platinum All Season Dining Plan to your Platinum Season Pass. Your Dining plan gives you free lunch and dinner every visit.

Dining Passes for Season Passholders cost $99.Dining Passes for Platinum Passholders cost $142 and is good at all Cedar Fair parks.

Drink Refills

You have 2 drink options to add to your season passes. Choose between the All Season Souvenir Bottle or get the Season Pass Drink Plan and get unlimited drink refills every visit. Both options are just $31.99.


Passholders have the option to add FunPix to their season pass and get unlimited digital, professional park photos from every visit to Cedar Point.

Pre-K Passes at Cedar Point

For a limited time, Cedar Point is offering free Pre-K Passes to children ages three to five. This is great for families with multiple kids within different age groups. The older kids can still enjoy the attractions and you don’t have to pay or find a sitter for the little ones.

Cedar Point’s Season Passes Best Perks

The perks mentioned above are just a snapshot of some of the perks associated with season passes at Cedar Point. What perks are most valuable, especially to a family of six like ours? While we love all the extra bonuses, it’s all about the rides and the food! The fact that you can get early access to the park and access to Cedar Point Shores anytime makes the Platinum Pass a great deal. The fact that we can get in free to all of the other Cedar Fair parks, like Kings Island, Michigan’s Adventure, and Dorney Park is incredible!


The dining plans sound like a great deal, although we generally pack our own lunch to save money at Cedar Point. We just take a break and head out to the picnic area outside the main gate and then reenter the park. Then we eat inside Cedar Point for dinner.


What I Love about Cedar Point Season Passes

With season passes at Cedar Point, we love all the perks that get you more time in the park. That includes early entry to the park, access to Cedar Point Shores, passholder ride nights, and admission to other Cedar Fair amusement parks. Free parking is also extremely valuable, especially with multiple visits.


What I Don’t Love about the Season Passes

While we love Cedar Point’s season passes, many of the parks offered are discounts we would never use. For instance, they offer a 10% discount on merchandise bought at the park, but we never buy any souvenirs. We also don’t eat at the restaurants outside the park that offer a 10% discount as well. We don’t get airbrush t-shirts and we aren’t taking an antique photo. I find it more likely that those types of experiences are more popular among people only making one trip to Cedar Point


The Bottom Line with Cedar Point’s Season Passes

When it comes to season passes at Cedar Point, we think they are worth the cost, depending on 2 key factors:

1. You make more than 3 visits in a season

If you can get to Cedar Point more than 3 times during the season, you will more than get your money’s worth of rides, shows, and family fun. If you live close enough to go more than 3 times, even better. If you don’t plan on visiting more than a couple of times, you would be better off finding discounted individual tickets for your family.

2. Everyone in your family loves to ride thrill rides

Cedar Point has entertainment options for people of all ages, but it’s hard to justify the cost if you have several non-riders in your family. The rollercoasters are the main attraction at Cedar Point. If most of your family isn’t going to ride rollercoasters, there are other entertainment options much cheaper than Cedar Point.


If you are going to purchase season passes to Cedar Point, Platinum Passes are the only way to go. The jump in perks between the two pass types is massive. Early entry, free parking, and access to other Cedar Fair parks are all only available with the Platinum Passes. If you are going to make the investment for season passes, you might as well spend a little more and get the full benefits.


Be sure to check information on Cedar Point’s website as it is subject to change at any time.


What is your favorite perk with Cedar Point’s season passes?  Let us know in the comments below!


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Are Cedar Point Season Passes Worth It?

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Dawn -

Totally agree with your points! Family of 5 cost seems outrageous upfront, but in the end living 25 min from the park we totally get our moneys worth out of it. You can also come and go as you please.. there is a McDonalds and other fast food places up the street to curb the cost of eating in park. Also, 1 year we planned a tour of Ohio staycation and visited Kings Island over night and was able to get in to the park for free.. keeping that vacation cost down. #win

Kevin Payne -

It is a big cost up front. It’s all about how much you use the passes and your goals for family fun, entertainment, and travel.

Brian Miller -

its only 25 dollars first charge then 18 bucks a month for 5 months. gold pass is a dollar more and you get free parking pretty good deal even if you only go twice


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