Are Kings Island Season Passes Worth It?

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Kings Island Amusement Park is one of our favorite Ohio spots to visit each year. I have fond memories of annual visits as a child and teen to Kings Island. I’m old enough to remember when Woodstock Express was called the Scooby-Doo roller coaster (then Beastie, followed by Fairly Odd Coaster). 

If you’re a fan of Kings Island or live within driving distance, you may be wondering if season passes are worth the cost. The answer depends on how often you plan to visit the amusement park during the season and how likely you are to take advantage of the benefits that come with a Kings Island season pass. 

Keep reading to learn more about Kings Island season passes, what’s included with a season pass, season pass pricing, and other details to help you decide. 

Kings Island Amusement Park

Kings Island is an award-winning amusement park in Mason, Ohio. The park is part of the Cedar Fair family, which also includes one of our other favorite Ohio parks, Cedar Point. Kings Island is home to over 100 rides, shows, and attractions. It’s also home to Soak City Water Park, a 33-acre water park. Kings Island recently announced updates coming to the park in 2024 to Camp Snoopy, one of the family-friendly park areas.

Kings Island Season Passes

Kings Island offers two season passes for the 2024 season — the Gold Pass and the Prestige Pass. Pricing and pass benefits vary between the two passes. 

The park recently announced the addition of a special season pass add-on called the All Park Passport. The add-on feature allows passholders to attend all parks in the Cedar Fair family, including Cedar Point. The addition of the All Park Passport eliminates the previously-offered Platinum Pass. We are currently Cedar Point Season Passholders since we live less than an hour from the park, but our passes give us admission to Kings Island and other Cedar Fair parks. 

Kings Island Season Pass Benefits

The benefits you gain as a season passholder depend on which pass you purchase. 

Here’s a look at what comes with each Kings Island season pass. Keep in mind that some of these benefits are only available if you purchase your pass before the 2023 season ends. 

Kings Island 2024 Gold Pass

  • Unlimited park visits in 2023 and 2024
  • Unlimited Halloween Haunt visits in 2023 and 2024
  • Unlimited Winterfest visits in 2023 and 2024
  • Free general parking
  • Exclusive renewal pricing
  • Early entry to Kings Island and Soak City
  • 10% food and merchandise discounts
  • Bring-A-Friend discount tickets
  • Pass Perks Rewards

Kings Island 2024 Prestige Pass

The Prestige Pass includes all of the benefits included with the Gold Pass plus: 

  • Preferred parking
  • Access to the VIP area
  • Access to Soak City’s VIP area
  • Enhanced Pass Perks Rewards
  • 15% food and merchandise discounts
  • 2 free Bring-A-Friend tickets annually
  • 1 Single-Use Fast Lane per visit
  • Preferred park entrance (2 hours daily)

2024 Kings Island Season Pass Prices

Kings Island season pass prices fluctuate but are often the lowest during the previous season once the new pricing is released. The park sometimes offers sales during the offseason to boost sales, but generally, prices go up as the following season gets closer. 

Here’s a look at the current pricing for 2024 Kings Island season passes. Because pricing frequently changes, always check the Kings Island website for the most current pricing information and to purchase your season pass. Pricing does not include any taxes or fees charged by Kings Island.

  • 2024 Gold Pass: $110 per person (or an initial payment of $22 followed by 11 payments of $8 each) 
  • 2024 Prestige Pass: $325 per person (or an initial payment of $39 followed by 11 payments of $26 each) 
  • 2024 All Park Passport (add-on for Gold Pass): $95 per person
  • 2024 All Park Passport (add-on for Prestige Pass): $125 per person

Are Kings Island Season Passes Worth It?

Like most amusement parks and other attractions, it’s usually worth it to purchase a Kings Island season pass if you plan on visiting the park multiple times during the season. Even for two visits, you could save money buying season passes over paying for individual tickets, especially if you take advantage of pass perks like dining discounts. It’s also worth the cost if you live within a reasonable driving distance of Kings Island. 

If you typically only visit Kings Island once per season, opt for individual tickets. You can find discount tickets at select local and regional retailers and third-party sites like Undercover Tourist. Follow Kings Island on social media and sign up for the park’s email newsletter for the latest news on ticket sales and special offers.

Are Kings Island Season Passes Worth It?

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