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Our Adoption Story

Adoption is more than just an expansion of your family. Or the expenses that accompany it. 

Adoptions are messy. Painful. Gut-wrenching. Chaotic. Traumatic. 

Maybe it’s not like that for everyone. Our girls were older when we adopted them. We also already had other kids. Maybe it’s not as jolting an experience adopting a newborn. I have no idea and won’t pretend to understand what that’s like. 

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The Best Vacation Rental Sites & Why We Love Rental Homes

After adopting our two girls, we soon realized that our future travel plans would need to change. That’s because we no longer fit into a standard hotel room. There are some hotel chains that offer suites that fit up to six people. We still book these types of places when we’re on the road for a night or a weekend sports tournament. However, spending a week or longer cramped into a hotel room isn’t very fun. That’s why we love to book most of our travel through vacation rental sites. 

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