Top Thrill 2: What You Need To Know About Riding Cedar Point’s New Roller Coaster

A computer generated image of people riding the Top Thrill 2 roller coaster at Cedar Point.

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Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, announced the introduction of Top Thrill 2, set to launch in 2024. This groundbreaking triple-launch strata roller coaster, featuring two 420-foot towers, will be the world’s tallest and fastest of its kind. Top Thrill 2 replaces the previous fan-favorite Top Thrill Dragster, which was shut down in August 2021 and later retired from service in 2022. 

The ride includes a new linear synchronous motor (LSM) launch system propelling riders at speeds up to 120 mph. Top Thrill 2, designed with open-air seating for three sleek, high-performance racing vehicles, will offer a unique dual-tower vertical speedway experience. Riders will encounter multiple instances of weightlessness and enjoy a thrilling 270-degree spiral before crossing the finish line.

Recently, Cedar Point shared rider safety guidelines for the coaster. Some of the park’s new rules haven’t been well received. Because of the nature of the ride, there are some more restrictive guidelines that could affect the guest experience, especially if you don’t know about the rules ahead of time. 

With the launch of Top Thrill 2, we wanted to provide our readers with a summarized list of important safety guidelines you need to know before riding the roller coaster. 

Top Thrill 2 Safety Guidelines

Cedar Point recently released safety guidelines for riding Top Thrill 2 before its inaugural season begins. All amusement park rides and attractions have safety guidelines, so the announcement was nothing out of the ordinary. 

Some of the guidelines have been more highly scrutinized on social media and online forums. Below are some of the highlights from the complete list of safety guidelines available on Cedar Point’s website.

Height Requirement

All riders must be at least 52 inches tall to ride Top Thrill 2.

Ride Restraints

Riders must ensure the safety restraint is fully lowered to touch the top of their thighs. If not properly secured, riding is not permitted. A test seat is available at the entrance, with a Ride Operator on hand to verify fit.


Glasses are allowed if they are secured with a strap. Holding glasses or any items during the ride is prohibited.


Only closed shoes are allowed. Flip-flops, sandals, and barefoot entries are prohibited.

Loose Articles

No loose articles are permitted past the entrance. This includes phones, keys, and small personal items, which must be left with a non-rider or stored in a locker. Waist packs and zippered pockets are not acceptable for storing items on the ride.


Lockers are available near the ride entrance for storing loose articles, as bins are not provided on the station platform. There is a nominal fee for locker use.

Cedar Point chose not to include free lockers within Top Thrill’s queue like the ones located within Steel Vengeance’s queue. Other amusement parks offer similar free locker features with some roller coasters and attractions. The decision has been met with mixed reviews. Cedar Point addressed the decision within its safety guidelines: 

“Working with the manufacturer’s recommendations, Top Thrill 2’s rider safety guidelines were revised after initial testing, resulting in our strict policy of loose articles not being permitted past the ride’s entrance.

Due to the later revision, the integration of lockers into the queue, similar to those at Steel Vengeance, was not possible. We encourage riders to leave any loose articles with a non-rider. If you wish to rent a locker, they will be near the entrance for a nominal fee.”

What Do We Think About Top Thrill 2’s Safety Guidelines?

Cedar Point’s rules on loose items make sense. I don’t love the idea of spending hours in line without access to my phone, especially since we typically visit the park as a family and not everyone rides the park’s larger roller coasters. It’s not the end of the world, either. I’ve experienced several rides with metal detectors. If you try to keep something in your pocket, expect to get stopped. 

There’s no mention of food items or beverages in the list of guidelines. I’m sure any souvenir cups would be prohibited, but they may not allow any food or drinks in line unless there are vending machines within the queue.  

Some rules, like no loose shoes, could become a logistical issue, especially for guests wearing flip-flops or other restricted shoes who paid for a ticket but weren’t aware of the rules beforehand. I see it being an ongoing struggle for park guests all season. 

It’s hard to believe that integrated lockers weren’t part of the original plan or subsequent changes. Honestly, they should probably be a feature included with most new roller coasters and thrill rides going forward. When done well, they provide a smooth, streamlined experience without extra costs. 

That said, it’s probably a bigger deal for some guests than others. Provided there are enough paid lockers nearby, people will still ride Top Thrill 2. If lines become incredibly long, the nearest locker bank could sell out. 

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Top Thrill 2: What You Need To Know About Riding Cedar Point\'s New Roller Coaster

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