Are Travel Discount Sites Worth It?

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We all want to save money when we travel. That’s why deals from third-party travel websites and apps look so enticing. With all the money-saving that can come from travel deals, there are also potential disadvantages of using these offers versus booking directly through hotels and airlines. 

Full disclosure, we typically book directly whenever possible but sometimes use discount travel sites and travel rewards portals to book award travel. 

In this episode, we’ll look at the pros and cons of booking direct and through third-party travel discount sites. 


You’ll learn: 

  • Why booking direct is generally the cheapest option when paying cash

  • How customer service is hit or miss with third-party travel sites and hotels, airlines, and rental companies 

  • Booking through third-party discount travel sites could mean losing out on valuable travel rewards

  • Tips for finding travel deals and booking travel

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Are Travel Discount Sites Worth It?

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