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Cedar Point 2023: A Complete Guide

Cedar Point has a special place in my heart. Growing up, our family often made the trek to Sandusky, Ohio, no matter where we were living at the time. I also worked there in the summer while in college. Cedar Point will always be “America’s Rollercoast” to me. Use this complete guide to visiting Cedar Point to plan your family’s next visit to the amusement park. 

Is the Universal Express Pass Worth It?

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Studios Orlando soon, there are several decisions you need to make. Where to stay. Where to eat. How to get there. What kind of  Universal Studios tickets to buy. How many days at the parks. There’s a lot to think about, and the costs can be considerable depending on your answers to those questions. 

One thing that is certain is that if you are headed to Universal Orlando, you will run into crowds. Several years ago, there were pockets of time throughout the year you could consider as the park’s offseason. Not anymore. It’s almost always busy, especially as people have returned to regular travel. 

One way to deal with the crowds is to purchase Universal Express Passes. These passes allow you to bypass the regular queues at many of the park’s most popular attractions. Skipping lines sounds amazing, especially in the hot Florida weather or if you’re traveling with kids. However, there’s an added cost for Universal Express Passes on top of the already- pricey park tickets. 

How To Get Universal Express Unlimited Passes For Free

Planning a trip to Universal Studios Orlando this year? Our family loves Universal Studios. We’ve visited the parks several times over the years, and it’s always a great family experience. The rides. The entertainment. The food. Universal Studios Orlando offers a completely unique experience that separates itself from most theme parks. The only thing we don’t love when visiting Universal Studios is waiting in lines. One way to avoid the long lines is to purchase Univeral Express Passes. 

How To Use Travel Rewards To Save Money On A Universal Studios Orlando Vacation

Planning a trip to Universal Orlando is relatively easy. That’s because there are so many flights available to Orlando and endless hotel options and other accommodations. That doesn’t mean it won’t cost you significant money to take your family to the popular theme park.

We’ve been able to plan nearly-free trips to Universal Orlando using rewards points and miles. I consider myself an intermediate-level travel hacker. I know enough to save considerable money when traveling, especially to the places we love, like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

There are several ways you to save money on an Orlando trip, including airfare, accommodations, rental cars, and even Universal Studios tickets. The amount you can save may depend on the credit cards you use, how many credit cards you’re willing to open up, and your spending habits.

11 Must-Have Gifts For Travel Lovers

As a travel content creator, I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest travel gadgets, gizmos and gifts. My annual Christmas list for my wife and kids usually includes several travel-related items. 

While the holidays aren’t all about gifts, it’s fun to get or give something special, especially something you will probably love. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find great travel-related gifts. If your budget allows it, though, there are some higher-priced travel gadgets that will have your loved ones jumping for joy this Christmas. Whatever your holiday budget, our list of the best gifts for travel lovers is sure to bring a smile this holiday season.

Orlando World Center Marriott: Family Fun For your Next Florida Adventure

Earlier this fall, I had the pleasure of an extended stay at Orlando World Center Marriott for FinCon. I planned extra days on the front end of my trip to explore Walt Disney World before the conference, so I ended up staying eight nights at this impressive hotel property. 

This was my first stay at World Center, although we’ve enjoyed pool access in the past through stays at Marriott’s Royal Palms, a sister property located next door. 

Orlando World Center Marriott is one of the premier hotel properties within minutes of the WDW parks and Disney Springs. It’s also a great option for families seeking a retreat from the long park lines. Keep reading to learn more about my stay, including features and amenities available on the property.

The Best Things To Do In Cleveland With Kids

Ok, so I’ve dreaded writing this blog post. Not because we don’t love Cleveland. Because WE DO. Cleveland is so underrated. We love living here and proclaim its virtues from the rooftops whenever we can. 

I’ve dreaded this post because it’s nearly impossible to narrow down our favorite Cleveland experiences, attractions, museums, parks, restaurants, and everything else CLEVELAND. 

We’ve had the honor and privilege of raising our family near the CLE. The city has given us so many great family days. Whether you’re a longtime local or one of the billion people we’ve told to visit Cleveland, there are plenty of things to see and do in this fair city. 

Values-Based Budgeting: Spending Your Money On What You Love

Despite what you’ve been taught or have grown up seeing, you can spend your money on what you value. What you like. What you love.

It’s called values-based budgeting. And we’re going to show you how it works and how you can create a family budget that covers all of your bills, helps you save for the future, and keeps your money going towards the things you value most in life.