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How to Save Money at Cedar Point

One of our favorite family adventures is visiting Cedar Point. The family fun destination was recently named one of the 16 best Amusement Parks in America and for good reason. Long known to visitors as “America’s Roller Coast”, Cedar Point constantly pushes the limits and world records with its thrill rides, especially roller coasters. Keep reading to learn how to save money at Cedar Point.

How To Save Money At Disney World

We continue our Disney World series by looking at some of the best ways to save money at Disney World. If you’ve ever planned a Disney vacation, you know it can be expensive. From Disney tickets to hotels or vacation rentals to flights and other travel expenses, taking your family to Disney is no small financial feat. 

When we search for money-saving tips, we want action steps that will reduce our trip’s cost. There are plenty of ways to squeeze more value out of a Disney vacation or save time in the parks, but these Disney hacks often increase trip expenses. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite money-saving strategies when planning a family trip to Walt Disney World. There are also some Disney World tips for saving money in the parks. Most of these tips are geared toward keeping more money in your pocket, but there are also some tips to find more value during your Disney World vacation

Where To Stay At Disney World

Choosing where to stay at Disney World is one of the most important parts of vacation planning if you’re headed to the parks with your family. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the Lake Buena Vista and Orlando area offer endless accommodation options for Disney World guests. Despite all of the choices, one of the first decisions you must make is whether to stay on property at one of Disney World’s resorts or off property somewhere else in the area. 

Weekend Retreat At Bayfront Resort At Crossview

Bayfront Resort at Crossview is a luxury RV and cottage resort. We don’t own an RV, but I wish we did after visiting Bayfront. The good news is that you can stay here even if you don’t have an RV. They offer several cottages, which is where we stayed. There’s also an option to rent an RV and have it dropped off directly at the resort. You don’t have to worry about driving or parking it. 

Here’s a closer look at what makes Bayfront Resort a perfect option for your next weekend getaway. 

The Best Things To Do In Cleveland With Kids

Ok, so I’ve dreaded writing this blog post. Not because we don’t love Cleveland. Because WE DO. Cleveland is so underrated. We love living here and proclaim its virtues from the rooftops whenever we can. 

I’ve dreaded this post because it’s nearly impossible to narrow down our favorite Cleveland experiences, attractions, museums, parks, restaurants, and everything else CLEVELAND. 

We’ve had the honor and privilege of raising our family near the CLE. The city has given us so many great family days. Whether you’re a longtime local or one of the billion people we’ve told to visit Cleveland, there are plenty of things to see and do in this fair city. 

Visiting Holiday World in 2023: A Complete Guide

Hidden in Southeastern Indiana, close to the Kentucky border, lies one of the most unique amusement parks in America — Holiday World. Located in Santa Clause, Indiana, the park is a regional gem and favorite among amusement park enthusiasts. While it doesn’t boast some of the bigger roller coasters found at other amusement parks, it holds its own with family-friendly attractions and many unique offerings.

11 Essential Travel Tips for Family Adventures

With four teenagers, we’ve had our share of family adventures over the years. We’ve made tons of mistakes when traveling that have cost us time, money, and energy. We’ve learned from those mistakes and are better prepared when we’re planning future family vacations. 

In this episode, we explore 11 essential travel tips for families. These tips will help you save money, plan better trips and create a better travel experience for you and your family. 

The following trips have helped us over the years but may not apply to everyone. Take what works for you to help plan future family vacations.