Planning a Disney Trip Without Kids

Walt Disney World is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. It’s a dream vacation for kids, but it is also a hot spot for couples looking for a magical getaway without kids. 


In this episode, we’ll explore how to plan a trip to Walt Disney World without kids. 

Using our recent 20th-anniversary Disney trip as a guide, we’ll look how at some of the decisions you need to make when planning a couple’s trip to Disney, including where to stay and dine, park ticket options, and planning an itinerary. 

Follow along as we share tips from our experience that will help you plan the perfect Disney World getaway:

  • Stay on-property
  • Buy Genie + Passes
  • Splurge on what you value
  • It’s your trip. Do what you want
  • Have a plan, but leave room for magic
  • Remember to relax

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Planning a Disney Trip Without Kids

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