Building A Successful Business While Prioritizing Family with Virginia Elder

Kevin Payne and Virginia Elder sitting at the FinCon Podcast Boost
Kevin and Virginia

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I recently attended FinCon, the largest conference for independent financial media. I spent the week hanging out with and learning from the best bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, creators, and entrepreneurs I know. 

I tried something new this year at FinCon — recording live from the FinCon Podcast Booth. This episode marks the first time I’ve interviewed anyone on the podcast. Interviewing guests on the show is something I want to explore, so let me know if that’s something you would enjoy.

In this special episode, I am joined by Virginia Elder. Virginia is the founder and owner of Podcast Abundance, a full-service podcast production company offering audio and video podcast editing and management services. Virginia and her incredible podcast production team help financial advisors, real estate investors, small business owners, and other entrepreneurs create podcasts that educate, entertain, and inspire.

In fact, Podcast Abundance edits and helps me manage this amazing, future award-winning podcast called the Family Money Adventure Show.

In this episode, Virginia and I discuss:

  • Our FinCon history
  • The origin story of Podcast Abundance
  • Her connection with local businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • How she balances family time while building a successful business producing podcasts

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Building A Successful Business While Prioritizing Family with Virginia Elder

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