Big Family, Big Adventures, Small Budget: Insider Tips for Saving Money on Large Family Travel

Large Family Travel
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Family travel isn’t one size fits all. For people like us with larger families, it can be a challenge to find accommodations to fit everyone comfortably. It’s also a challenge for our wallets as travel costs typically jump as your traveling party increases. 

The definition of a large family is subjective. For some, it means you’ve had TV execs banging on your door pitching reality tv show ideas based on your family’s size. For us, it’s any family that doesn’t fit in a standard 2-bed hotel room. 

Once you grow beyond a family of four, it’s sometimes difficult to stay in a hotel without someone sleeping on the floor or booking more than one room. There are exceptions to this of course as some hotel chains offer suites with sleeper sofas and other amenities for larger families. 

If you have a large family, there are still plenty of ways to save money and have an epic family travel adventure. 


In This Episode, You’ll Learn: 

  • The differences between large family travel and other travel

  • Tips for saving money on large family travel 

  • Other helpful travel tips for large families 


Catch These Must-Listen Moments From The Episode

  • [03:38] What to look for when booking vacation rentals

  • [05:28] Where to look for group discounts and travel deals 

  • [07:40] Our strategy for using travel rewards to cover family travel costs


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Big Family, Big Adventures, Small Budget: Insider Tips for Saving Money on Large Family Travel

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